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                                        Supporting documents for the application

  1. General requirements
  • Valid passport (the validity of which has to exceed that of the requested visa by at least 3 months)
  • A photocopy of the personal data page of the passport
  • 1 passport-sized colour photo not older than 6 months (see the Schengen Visa Photo Requirements for further information)
  • A wholly and legibly completed and signed visa application form that can be obtained free of charge from the Consular Department or can be downloaded from the website of the Embassy or that of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (httpsss:// Schengen visa application forms are uniform therefore any application form used by any of the SMSs can also be used for applying for a Slovak visa.
  • Adequate and valid individual travel insurance to cover any expenses which might arise in connection with repatriation for medical reasons, urgent medical attention and emergency hospital treatment. The insurance must be valid throughout the territory of the SMSs and cover the entire period of the applicant’s stay. The minimum coverage shall be EUR 30,000.
  • In case the applicant is not a Kenyan citizen, certificate certifying lawful stay in Kenya
  • In case of a multiple entry visa, documents certifying the grounds for the multiple visit and in case of minors, written declaration by the legal representative giving consent to the travel.

Besides meeting the general requirements, the applicant shall also supply a certificate of the financial coverage of his expenses and a certificate of the purpose of the visit.

  1. The financial coverage of the expenses shall be certified with the following documents
  • An original income certificate of the employer
  • A bank account statement on the account turnover during the last three months
  • A return airline print-out (reservation sufficient, ticket not required)
  • Certificate of reserved accommodation and in case of minors, written declaration by the legal representative on the coverage of the costs and on the existence of the financial coverage.
  1. The purpose of the visit shall be certified with the following documents

Applying for a transit visa:

  • A valid ticket certifying the purpose of the visit and a visa to the destination country, if necessary. 

Applying for a short stay visa:

  • In case of a tourist visit: the certificate of the travel agency; or in case of an individual visit: the prepaid reservation of accommodation.
  • In case of an entry with an educational or other scientific or professional training purpose: the certificate of the receiving institution, the certificate of accommodation in Slovakia.
  • In case of an entry for visitation: the letter of invitation issued and endorsed by the Office of Immigration and Nationality or the letter of invitation in the form of a public notarial document and a photocopy of the data page of the personal identification document/passport of the inviting party in Slovakia.
  • In case of an entry for business purposes: a letter of invitation from the business partner, the certification of the existence of commercial-business relations, the certificate of the local chamber of commerce on the existence of business relations and certificate on the accommodation in Slovakia.
  • In case of an entry with the purpose of medical treatment: the certificate of the receiving health institution, including reference to the fact that the expected coverage of the medical treatment is available, and other certification of the coverage of the medical treatment, as well as the certification of accommodation in Slovakia.
  • For the purpose of sport: accreditation proving the participation in the sports event or contract with the Slovak sport club, the certificate issued by the delegating sport club / Olympic committee / Ministry of Sport, certificate issued by the delegating sport federation on the results achieved by the applicant in major international sport competitions and certificate issued by the organizers of the major international sport competition on the results achieved by the applicant.
  • For the purpose of cultural activities: agency contract with the Slovak service provider, invitation letter issued by the host organisation.
  • For the purpose of attending conference: invitation letter issued by the host organisation, confirmation on participation issued by the host organisation, certification issued by the delegating organisation and receipt fro payment of the registration fee.


  • The Consul may request the presentation of further documents in addition to the ones outlined above. All documents must be submitted in English and/or in Slovak.
  • Documents shall be annexed to the applications being submitted in the original. If the applicant needs the original document, then a photocopy shall also be annexed besides presenting the original document.
  • Any information on the application are given only to the applicant or to those who are legally authorized in the aforementioned way by the applicant. 

Visa fee

  • Application for an airport transit visa, transit visa or short-stay visa: 60 EUR


  • The visa fee shall be paid upon submitting the application.
    • The visa fee shall be paid exclusively in USD/Ksh 5,714.00 short stay

Visas issued for free of charge to: 

  • Children under the age of 14 and entered into the passport of the parent,
  • Family members of EEA citizens,
  • Children under the age of 6, travelling with their own passports.

Visa application processing time

  • 30 days from the day of submitting the complete application.

Rejection of the visa application

  • In case of entry ban or doubts concerning the application the Consular Department will refuse the visa application. Presentation of counterfeit documents is a reason for refusal in itself. Furthermore, the Consular Department reserves the right to examine the authenticity of the communicated data and the submitted documents. The communication of false data in itself will lead to the refusal of the visa application.
  • Notification on the reason for refusal can be obtained at the Consular Department only by the applicant in person. At the applicant’s request the notification can be issued in written form, as well.
  • If the visa application is refused, the fee will not be reimbursed.
  • There is no legal remedy against the rejection of an application for an A, B or C visa; however, a complaint can be lodged to the Consul, the Ambassador or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovakia
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