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Applicant to go in person

the total stay in the Schengen area must not exceed 90 days (during any 6-month period).

  1. The purpose of the visit may not be altered once the visa has been issued or upon entering Schengen territory.
  2. Applications for Schengen visas should be submitted to
    • the Embassy or Consulate General of the main country of destination
    • in the absence of a main destination, when the applicant intends to visit several Schengen countries for an equal length of time, the application should be submitted to the Embassy or Consulate General of the country that will be the first port of entry into Schengen territory.
  3. Non-Kenyan nationals applying through the embassy in Nairobi must produce proof of a residence permit for Kenya (re-entry permit valid at least 3 months after return to Kenya).
  4. The applicant must show proof or provide a guarantee that he or she has adequate funds for the whole stay, a minimum of Norwegian kroner (NOK) 500 per day.
  5. An application may be rejected if it is found that the applicant is prohibited from entering any of the Schengen countries.
  6. Although a visa is necessary for entering Schengen territory, the final decision lies solely with the immigration officials at the border.
  7. Other visas, e.g. residence/work permits for longer stays, are subject to the national legislation of the various Schengen countries and inquiries about such a visa should be addressed to the appropriate embassy.

The applicant should appear in person at the embassy in Nairobi (the visa section is open Tuesday – Thursday 09.00-12.00).

  • Upon submission of the application, the applicant’s passport will be stamped to indicate that an application for a Schengen visa has been submitted.
  • A processing fee will be charged when the application is handed in. The fee for the procession of the visa and will not be refunded if the visa is rejected. The fee is 5,500 Ksh.
  • The embassy will do a search in the Schengen Information System (SIS) database to check whether the applicant is prohibited from entering any of the Schengen countries.
  • The processing time for a visa application will be no less than 2 weeks, if it is to be decided by the embassy.  In certain cases, the visa application will have to be forwarded to the Norwegian authorities.
  • The processing time will then be 2-4 months. Be aware that the application will not be processed unless the required documents are enclosed with the application.
  • If the application is granted, a visa sticker will be affixed to the passport over the stamp.  If the application is rejected, any appeal must be forwarded to the Norwegian Immigration Authorities through the Embassy.
  • Please note that from June 1st 2004, everybody traveling to Norway on a Schengen visa need to document travel/health insurance for the length of their stay prior to their departure.

Documents to be submitted
1. One signed application form and two recent photographs
2. Passport or recognized travel document, valid for at least three months after the intended return
3. Travel/Health insurance, valid from the day of departure from Kenya.
4. Kenyan ID card (or Kenyan residence permit, re-entry, for non-Kenyan passport holders valid at least three month after return) Applicants under 18 years must present birth certificate and consent from the parents.
5. Statement from the employer concerning the applicant’s form of employment and income and/or proof of sufficient income or other assets or binding commitments.
6. Supporting documentation as to accommodation and means of subsistence (minimum Norwegian kroner – NOK – 500 per day).
• for private or business visits, a guarantee form obtained by your reference in Norway and stamped by the Norwegian authorities, and a formal invitation from the reference (the invitation should include personal particulars about the applicant, arrival and departure dates, the purpose of the visit, who will be responsible for accommodation and subsistence, the relationship between the applicant and the reference)
• e.g. travellers’ cheques, credit cards, etc.
• If applicable, hotel vouchers invitation to attend a seminar, sporting event, etc.
• The applicant may be denied access at the border if he or she cannot show proof of adequate funds

  1. Flight booking with a total stays not exceeding 90 days from the day of departure from Kenya until the day of return to Kenya.
    8. Application fee

All (accompanied and unaccompanied minors must present birth certificate and written consent from their parents/legal guardians.  The consent should be certified by a Notary Public.
Applicants who wish to travel to Europe for medical treatment must provide the following additional documents: a medical certificate issued by their doctor in Kenya, written confirmation of an appointment with a hospital/doctor, documentation as to how the costs of the medical treatment will be covered

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