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Greece Visa Requirements

Kindly note that all documents should be submitted in original as well as one clear photocopy.

  • Visa application, duly completed and signed by the applicant
  • Two recent color photographs,(white background, maximum 3 months old)
  • Passport or previous passports, if any
  • Kenyan ID card, Kenyan resident permit or re-entry stamp in passport for non-Kenyans minimum 3 months after expiry of the visa.
  • Birth and/or marriage certificate may be required
  • Invitation/proof of purpose of travel.
  • Evidence of accommodation in host country. E.g. invitation from friends or family, hotel reservation, copy of lease agreement/title deed).
  • Proof of sufficient funds or evidence of maintenance in host country.
  • Letter from employment, including information  on leave of absence, if applicable
  • If unaccompanied minor, signed letter of authorization and parental consent and a copy of parent/guardians passport.
  • All documents submitted at the time of the application. Incomplete application will not be accepted.
  • Proof of airline booking
  • Schengen Visa application fee paid, from January 2007 EUR 60
  • Visa fee Kshs 6000/-

If a Schengen visa is granted, the following must be presented prior to the issuing of visa.

  • Confirmed return ticket, e-ticket accepted (proof of booking not sufficient)
  • Travel medical insurance, minimum coverage EUR 30,000.

Especially for Non-Kenyan nationals

The above plus:

  • Photocopy of Resident Permit
  • Photocopy of Re-entry passes for the last 3 years
  • Photocopy of Trade License
  • Photocopy of Receipt of Renewal of Trade License

NB: Please note that 15 days are required for the process of Visa

Visa forms are to be completed by the applicant in person.

All Visa application must be accompanied by the appropriate fee which is

Non – refundable.

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