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Germany Visa Requirements

Applicant’s Passport and a copy of the same, valid up to 3 months after the scheduled return journey. The
passport must have at least two empty pages and cannot be older than 10 years.
Foreigners living in Kenya must provide a valid Resident Permit and/or a Re-entry stamp allowing them to return.

1 biometric Passport size picture (3,5 cm x 4,5 cm), not older than 3 Months, with bright, single colored
background (not red/blue).

1 Schengen visa application form, duly filled and signed.

Original – and one copy: medical insurance for the duration of stay, with minimum cover of EUR 30,000 and valid
for the whole Schengen area.

Hotel reservation and plausible itinerary

In original: proof of financial means for the trip (pay-slips, bank statements of the last 3 months)

In original: Introduction letter from Kenyan company including postal address and telephone number necessity of
the business trip, the precise activities of the organization and job title of the visa applicant, how long the applicant has
been with the company and his monthly income and pay slips of the last three months.

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