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Location:  13, Runda Drive, Runda
Tel: +254 20 71 22 848-51
E-mail: nboamb@um.dk

Visa Office Hours: 9:00am – 11:00am


It can take about 4-6 weeks to process a visa application. The Danish Embassy strongly recommends that you turn in your application at least 8 weeks prior to the intended date of departure. The applicant is advised not to purchase airline tickets and insurance before receiving confirmation from the Embassy that visa has been granted.

Visa application should be handed in to the Embassy of the Schengen state where the main purpose of your stay is and where you are going to stay the longest. The Danish Embassy handles applications for visa to Denmark, including Greenland, the Faeroe Islands and Iceland.

Visa application forms are free of charge and can be collected from the Royal Danish Embassy or downloaded from www.newtodenmark.dk (form J: Application for Schengen Visa and J1: Supplementary Information) – 1 set for each applicant. Visa applications must be filled in completely in block letters – they are not to be filled in at the Embassy’s premises. Visa applicants must hand in the visa application in person at the Embassy.

Visa applications will be carefully scrutinised by our Visa Section staff and comprehensive checks will be carried out to check the authenticity of the documents.

Applicants should check regarding the need for transit visa with the relevant Embassies/High Commissions if the travelling route involves a transit in a country not participating in the Schengen co-operation.



Kindly note that all documents should be submitted in original as well as one clear photocopy

  • Visa application, duly completed and signed by the applicant
  • Two recent colour photos taken with white background, max. 3 months old, format: 3.5 x 4.5 cm, head between 30-36 mm from chin to top of head, without headgear and sunglasses
  • Passport or recognised travel document, (valid for minimum 3 months after expiry of visa)
  • Previous passports, if any
  • Kenyan I.D. card, Kenyan resident permit or re-entry stamp in passport for non-Kenyans, valid minimum 3 months after expiry of the visa
  • Birth and/or marriage certificate may be required
  • Invitation/Proof of purpose of travel
  • Evidence of accommodation in host country. (E.g. invitation from friends or family, hotel reservations, copy of lease agreement/title deed).
  • Proof of sufficient funds or evidence of maintenance in host country.
  • Letter from employer/school authorizing leave of absence
  • If unaccompanied minor: signed  parental consent and a copy of parent/guardians passport
  • All documents submitted at the time of the application. Incomplete applications will not be accepted
  • Proof of airline booking
  • Schengen Visa application fee from 1 May 2008, Kshs 5,800 to be paid in cash.Credit cards not accepted. The fee is non refundable, payable when submitting the application.

If a Schengen visa is granted, the following must be presented for issuance of visa at least 4 working days before departure:

  • Confirmed return ticket, e-tickets accepted (proof of booking not sufficient)
  • Travel medical insurance, minimum coverage EUR 30,000. Please note that as of 01.01.2009 the Danish Embassy  only accepts Schengen travel insurance from the following insurance companies: AIG Kenya Insurance Co. Ltd., APA Insurance, CFC Life Assurance, Executive Healthcare Solutions, Heritage Insurance Ltd., Mercantile Insurance, Resolution Health, UAP Insurance, Vanbreda International, Bupa International, Kenindia Assurance, AON Minet, AAR

Business visit – necessary supporting documents:

  • An invitation from the inviting company stating the specific purpose of the visit.
  • Certificate of Registration of the applicant’s company.
  • Documentation from the employer indicating what kind of profession the applicant has in the company, for how long he/she has been employed and whether it is possible for the applicant to return to his/her job. Furthermore the employer must indicate the reason and duration of the journey as well as the name, address and telephone number of the inviting company. Finally the employer must give evidence of sufficient financial means to cover all expenses during the stay.
  • If the applicant is self-employed bank statements of the last three months must also be produced. 

Family visits – necessary supporting documents:

  • Letter of invitation giving details of the inviting person and the applicant. Invitation letters from family members should state whether the reference is a parent, sibling, grandparent, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew and the occasion for the visit, if any.
  • Invitation letters from fiancés should state how long the applicant and the reference has known each other, when they have last met and where.
  • Documentation for financial means during the stay and of who will cover travel expenses.

Study tour – necessary supporting documents:

  • Invitation with indication of the purpose of the visit and whether participation in the course is relevant for the studies of the applicant.
  • Original school reports.
  • Documentation that the applicant has been accepted by a Danish educational institution.
  • Documentation that the applicant has the required language skills for participation in the course.
  • Documentation that the participation fee, if any, has been paid and of who will be responsible for travel expenses and financial means during the stay. 

Cultural events / conferences / sports events – necessary supporting documents:

  • An invitation from the person/institution who is responsible for the arrangement stating how the contact with the applicant has been established.
  • Documentation that a conference / participation fee has been paid.
  • Documentation concerning the event, e.g. whether the event has been arranged or supported by Danish authorities, educational institutions, research institutions or organisations or – for sports events – by Danish or international sports organizations.
  • Documentation of the applicant’s educational background, special interests that could justify the participation in the specific event, etc.
  • Letter from employer/school authorizing leave of absence.
  • Documentation of financial means during the stay and of who will cover the travel expenses. 

For sports events, furthermore:

  • Documentation that the applicant is a professional sportsman or documentation of skills.
  • Documentation that the applicant is a member of a sports club.
  • Documentation that the applicant represents or is well known by the national/local sports union. 

Visit to and /or from religious societies – necessary supporting documents:

  • Invitation from the reference with indication of the purpose of the visit.
  • Documentation that the applicant is going to preach or participate in religious ceremonies or whether he/she has to perform duties of administrative character.
  • Documentation of the occupation of the applicant.
  • Documentation of financial means during the stay and of who will cover the travel expenses.
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