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Location: City House 2nd Floor Wabera Street
Tel: 228281 / 319076/ 319078
Open 9:00am – 12:00pm


Visa application to be submitted in person

  • Application form duly filled in and signed personally by the applicant.
  • One recent passport photograph
  • Passport ( valid for at least three month after the expiration of the visa applied for)
  • Kenyan ID card or Kenyan residence permit for non-Kenyan passport holders
  • Travel health insurance valid for all schengen states, covering all risks(minimum of EUR 30,000.00)
  • Non refundable visa fee 6,720.00

Please note, that there are different additional requirements if an applicant travels as a tourist or upon invitation of a person or company or institution.

As a tourist

  • Statement of the employer or / and proof of sufficient financial means
  • Supporting documents concerning the means of subsistence, such as: travelers cheques, credit card, bank statements e.t.c
  • Hotel prepaid voucher
  • Flight booking, and when collecting the visa, a non-transferable, non-endorsable confirmed return ticket.

Upon invitation a person residing in Austria

  • A legalized sponsorship form from the person/company to be visited-only originals faxes or copies cannot be accepted
  • Proof of sufficient financial funds of the inviting and the invited person
  • Photocopy of lease agreement or title deed(proof ownership of house or apartment
  • Photocopy of inviting person’s passport (pages 1-4), if the inviting person is not an Austrian citizen, also a
  • photocopy of the residence permit.
  • Photocopy of police registration in Austria of the inviting person.
  • Flight booking, and when collecting the visa, a non-transferable, non refundable, non endorsable confirmed ticket.

Note: Clients in Mombasa who want to apply for Austria visas should visit the consulate office located at: Reli House, 3rd Floor Nyerere Avenue.
Also note the documents will be sent to Nairobi office for visa processing and sent back to Mombasa office.

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