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40 Amazing Things To See & Do in Zanzibar
1. Spend Time in Stone Town
Stone Town is the old town of Zanzibar City, the capital of the Zanzibar archipelago.
Whether you arrive by air or sea, you’ll pass through the city and I would definitely recommend spending at least 2 days in Stone Town to soak up the atmosphere.
To get the full Zanzibari experience, stay in a real Zanzibari-style hotel. There are tons of great and reasonably priced ones, including this beachfront hotel which is just a short walk away from Forodhani Gardens or this seafront hotel, which is really close to the ferry terminal.
If you’re looking for somewhere extra special, I’d definitely recommend heading to the Park Hyatt which is set right on the beach, or Emerson Spice, a beautiful and traditional Zanzibari converted merchant’s house.
MY TIP: Enjoy happy hour at the Park Hyatt every day at 6pm.
2. Watch Acrobatics and Capoeira on the Beach
Most evenings, just before sunset some of the local boys perform acrobatics and capoeira on the beach outside the Livingstone Beach Restaurant in Stone Town. The beach, whilst not idyllic like those out of the city, is usually busy with both locals and tourists enjoying the early evening light and splashing about in the water.
A crowd begins to form as these amazingly talented young superstars start backflipping and somersaulting all the way down to the water.
MY TIP: Don’t be afraid to go over and have a chat – they’re boys are really cool and friendly!
3. Do As the Locals Do and Shop at Darajani Market
For a truly awesome, immersive and sensorial shopping experience, head down to Darajani Market, the heartbeat of Stone Town.
Here you’ll find vendors selling all kinds of useful stuff – clothing, mobile phones, oil, plastic goods, cooking utensils, fresh bread, fruit and veg, meat and if you go early in the day, you may catch the big fish auction.
Grab a samosa or chapati from a street food stall to keep your strength up as you wander around.
MY TIP: If you take any pictures of people in the market (or most places in Zanzibar), please ask first or take very general street scene pictures as it’s not polite to take pictures of people without their permission and a lot don’t like it, especially the older generation.

4. Eat at a Zanzibar Pizza at Forodhani Gardens
Each evening, at Forodhani Gardens on the seafront of Stone Town, street vendors set up their stalls, selling seafood and meat kebabs, samosas, urojo soup (Zanzibar Mix), fruit, grilled maize, Zanzibar pizzas and sugar cane juice to tourists and locals alike.
In case you are wondering, “What the hell is a Zanzibar pizza?” – it’s that odd thing I’m eating in the picture above! It’s a thin pancake-style dough, filled with pretty much anything and everything. You can have sweet ones with bananas and chocolate sauce or savoury ones with meat. Mine was just onions, tomatoes, Happy Cow Cheese Triangles (?!?!?) and an egg!
You get given a cocktail stick to eat with. It’s all a bit weird, and not sure if they’ll catch on outside of Zanzibar, but you know what? They’re pretty good!
Head over around sunset, have a walk around, grab some food and a glass of sugar cane juice, sit on the wall and just take it all in.
MY TIP: If you want to find the best place to eat, look to see where the locals are eating.
5. Shop Til You Drop
Shopping in Stone Town is amazing, like a tiny version of Marrakech. I love all those little curio shops selling trinkets and Stone Town has plenty.
You can buy paintings, jewellery, material, wooden carvings, Maasai bracelets, Zanzibar chests, and exotic spices. A lot of these shops sell the same mass-produced stuff you find all over Africa, but you’ll find the odd cool item!
MY TIP: Don’t forget to barter. Start low and then meet in the middle – it’s pretty fun when you get the hang of it!
6. Take a Walking Tour of Stone Town
Stone Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Centre and one of the most interesting places I’ve ever been in my entire life. Seriously.
Whilst I’d say that taking a tour isn’t necessary and it’s absolutely fine to have a wander on your own, having a guide for a few hours will provide a great insight into the island (and save you from being lost in the labyrinth of alleyways… forever – just kidding).
I always book my tours with a guy called Farid Hamid, who is a real character, very eccentric, but he knows EVERYTHING – I love him! He took us to most of the main sights in Stone Town including the House of Wonders, the Old Fort, Freddie Mercury’s House, St Joseph’s Cathedral, the Hamamni Persian Baths, Jaws Corner, the Abeid Curio Shop and the Zanzibar Cultural Arts Centre.
What I really love about Farid’s tours, was that he points out all the tiny details of the architecture, things that you would never notice on your own, explains a lot about the culture and the history of Zanzibar, the Omani sultans and Princess Salme, a feminist and rebel who wrote Memoirs of an Arabian Princess from Zanzibar. He also fills us in on all the local gossip!
Alternatively, you can find a number of other great Stone Town tours here.
7. Dine at a Rooftop Restaurant
Stone Town has some amazing rooftop restaurants, the perfect place to relax for the evening, enjoy the evening call to prayer and watch the sun as it sets over copper coloured rooftops.
I ate at the exquisite Tea House Restaurant on the top floor of the Emerson Spice Hotel. The restaurant is one of the best restaurants in East Africa. The 5-course menu changes daily, depending on what their fisherman catches that morning.
They also have a sister hotel and restaurant which is slightly more informal, but equally magical, called Emerson on Hurumzi, a few streets away.
MY TIP: Book in advance, both restaurants get very busy and are limited on space.
8. Learn About the Slave Trade
Zanzibar is described as a melting pot, with a blend of Arabic, African, Indian, European heritages, creating a unique cultural mix on the island, rarely seen elsewhere. One of the reasons for this is Zanzibar’s dark past and I think it’s important that people are aware of the atrocities that happened.
Zanzibar was a major trading hub for many things, including slaves. The slave trade was brutal, with hundreds of thousands of people being trafficked through Bagamoyo on the mainland (where I lived for a little while), to be sold in Zanzibar, then shipped to the east or the west, with many passing through Liverpool in the UK, where I am from.
Pay your respects at the Slave Monument (above)and you can also visit the old Slave Market and visit the house of David Livingstone, an important figure in the abolition of the slave trade, who once called Zanzibar home.
You can either wander around yourself or take a specific tour like this one.
9. Ride a Dala Dala
No trip to Zanzibar (or Tanzania) would be complete without a little ride on a dala dala minibus. These tend to be packed, sweaty and with questionable safety records, but they are an experience and the cheapest way to get around the island.
MY TIP: The best place to catch a dala dala in Stone Town in Darajani Market. You can pretty much get anywhere on the island from here.
10. Go For Sundowners at the Africa House Hotel
If you’re looking for a nice spot to have sundowners (sunset drinks) in Stone Town, Africa House Hotel is a great place to do it.
The building was built by an Omani slave trader and later turned into an English Club, now it’s a hotel and bar. The decor of the hotel is a mix of Zanzibari and colonial style and whilst it’s not cheap, it has a lovely terrace that looks out over the ocean. You’ll see traditional dhows sail past as the sun slowly sets below the horizon.
Although beware. You may think you have a nice seat facing the sunset, but lots of people want photos and will stand in front of you and block your view or squeeze in between you (it’s really annoying), so it may not be the relaxing experience you imagined.
MY TIP: To get a better and uninhibited view, you could head down to Shangani Gardens or do this instead.
11. Go on a Village Tour
Whilst it’s fine to visit a lot of villages on the island, going on an organised village tour with a guide is a good way to get an insight into daily life whilst contributing to the local economy. Jambiani on the east coast is a great village to visit and the people very welcoming.
You can visit the fishermen, local women’s groups, herbalist and seaweed farms. Many tours, like this one, include a traditional Swahili lunch too.
Again, taking photos of people without their permission is really not the done thing in Zanzibar (hence why you don’t see a lot of people in my pictures) but on a tour you should be fine. If you go it alone, please, please, please ask before you take pictures of anyone in the villages.
12. Admire the Doors
Zanzibar doors are something else. Whilst some doors and buildings are succumbing to ruin, there are still many of the original doors intact, ornately decorated and have meanings behind them.
The most famous and photographed door is the one at Tippu Tip’s House (above), a Zanzibarian slave and ivory trader from the 18th century.
13. Go to a Festival
Zanzibar hosts 3 major festivals a year:
Sauti za Busara: A music festival in Stone Town, featuring a number of awesome artists from all over Africa and the name means ‘Sounds of Wisdom’. The festival usually takes place in February. I went in 2018 and it was a lot of fun!
The Zanzibar International Film Festival: East Africa’s largest film, music and arts festival. They showcase some of the best talent around and the theme of the festival for 2017 was ‘Finding Joy’ (I love that).
The Zanzibar Beach and Watersports Festival: This is a community-led not for profit festival. They have watersports competitions, music and food stalls! Sounds delightful! The festival takes place in Jambiani usually in September.
14. Try the Local Food
Being an important trading hub on the old spice route between the east and west, the Zanzibari cuisine, is as you’d imagine, pretty amazing. Taking influences from all over the world, I’d go as far as to say, that the food in Zanzibar is my favourite in all of Africa!
There are tons of lovely foods you can buy off the street including my favourites – kashata, urojo soup, mishkaki and mango with chilli. To find some of the best places, you can take a Zanzibar food tour with a local guide.
If you’re looking for a restaurant, that’s cheap, authentic but really, really tasty, go to Luukman or The Passing Show Hotel in Stone Town. Local foods include fried fish, chicken, curry, biriyani and pilau rice, as well as samosas and chapatis.

15. Drink Coffee at Jaws Corner
If you want to do as the locals do, head to Jaws Corner in Stone Town. A popular spot for people (men mostly) to gather, chat politics, current affairs, and gossip whilst drinking black coffee with ginger from pretty little cups with no handles. We stopped here a while eating cassava chips, baobab fruit and mango with chilli and salt – surprisingly delicious.
MY TIP: Wiggle your cup if you want a top up.
16. Let Yourself Be Pampered
When you’ve been travelling around Africa for a while, I can promise you that you and your body will need a little TLC. Your feet will be ruined, your skin will be dry from the heat and dust and those ‘African Massages’ (what they call it when you drive on VERY bumpy roads) are not very relaxing!
Many of the hotels around the island have spas, but one of the best places is the Mrembo Spa in Stone Town which offers lots of gorgeous treatments, including Singo, a scrub traditionally used by Swahili women on their wedding day! It’s everything you would expect from a Zanzibari spa and it’s all organic too!
17. Visit the Old Dispensary
Opposite the ferry terminal in Stone Town, you’ll find the Old Dispensary, where once upon a time, as you’d imagine, dispensed medicines .
It’s one of the prettiest buildings in Zanzibar (so great for photography buffs) and inside has a pretty courtyard and a small museum about the history of the island.
18. Learn to Cook Zanzibari Style
Food plays such a big part in daily life wherever you go in the world, so what better way to get an insight into the local culture? There are a few different classes on the island and some will even take you to the markets to buy the ingredients first like this one.
MY TIP: It doesn’t have to be a formal lesson. I’ve had a few impromptu lessons from local friends I’ve made on the island which started with me buying a freshly caught fish at the beach then taking it round to their house. I bring the food, they teach me to cook it!
19. Enjoy the Call to Prayer
I’ve heard the call to prayer in a number of places around the world, but there’s nowhere quite like Stone Town.
The melodic and mystical call automatically transports me to some other time, some other life. I don’t even mind when it wakes me up at 5.30am, it’s beautiful.
MY TIP: If you don’t like to be woken early, bring earplugs. Some hotels provide them, but not all.

20. Take a Trip to Pemba Island and Sleep With the Fishes
If you’ve read my post on Stone Town, you’ll know that Zanzibar is actually made up of a few different islands and Pemba Island is one of them. It lies north of the main island Unguja, which is what people generally mean when they talk about Zanzibar.
This is where you’ll find the world famous Manta Resort. The one with the underwater room that shows up on every list of ‘10 Amazing Places to Stay Before You Die‘! Seriously – every list! How amazing would it be to stay here?
Ferries from Stone Town run on Wednesdays and Saturdays and do the return journey on Thursdays and Sundays. Flights depart daily and you can compare prices here.
21. Go on Safari Blue
Safari Blue is known to be Zanzibar’s best boat trip!
You start in the small village of Fumba on the south coast, sailing on a traditional dhow to Menai Bay where dolphins you have the chance to see and swim with dolphins. Snorkelling is the order of the day and you have chance to explore the reefs. Lunch is a seafood buffet that includes fresh lobster, fish, calamari, chicken and veggie options served on a sandbank. Drinks are also included!
It’s a full day trip, so in the afternoon you sail to Kwale Island take a ride on a Ngalawa canoe, explore the mangroves, see an ancient baobab tree and relax on the beach before sailing back to Zanzibar at sunset.
You can book your Safari Blue tour here.
MY TIP: It may be best to take this trip before you leave Stone Town, or whilst staying on the south coast, so you are not travelling back on yourself from the beaches. It’s around an hour and a half drive from Kendwa/Jambiani.
22. Take a Spice Tour
Zanzibar is called ‘The Spice Island’ due to the spices grown on the island. You’ll get to taste things like vanilla, turmeric, cumin, cinnamon as well as many others, used for cooking or in traditional medicines. Your guide will explain what the spices are used for and their unique properties. I swear, you’ll end up putting turmeric in EVERYTHING (like I now do – cures everything dontcha know)!
Pretty much every hotel or tour agent offers these trips. They can be a little touristy and before you know it you’ll be stood there wearing a palm leaf hat, that some dude made for you and then plonked on your head.
MY TIP: If you want to do it a little differently, I recommend doing a spice tour with a Darajani market trip and a cooking lesson from Tangawezi Bistro in Stone Town. A lot more fun and great to see the spices through their full journey.

23. See the Red Colobus Monkeys in Jozani Forest
Jozani Forest, is home to the rare red colobus monkey. As you walk through the forest, you’ll get the chance to see the monkeys up close and learn about the various plants and animals that call this place home.
You could either rent a car or take a tour to Jozani Forest.
24. Cycle the Island
Now, this is on my bucket list. How cool would it be to cycle the circumference of the island?
Bike Zanzibar, led by Juma, is your one-stop shop for cycling activities in Zanzibar. These guys offer day tours, cycling holidays (including women-only trips), bike rental and tailor-made trips.
MY TIP: They also offer a spice tour by bike, which takes you to see the red colobus monkeys in Jozani Forest too. So if you are short on time (or just want to be really efficient) this could be a great combo!
25. Go on a Sunset Dhow Cruise
What better way to see the sunset from out on the water.
There are various different ones, from romantic cruises to crazy party boats most include drinks and some also include food.
Most of the sunset cruises depart from the main towns on the West of the island, like this 3-hour sunset cruise departing from Kendwa. You can also take cruises from Nungwi and Stone Town.
If you’re on the east coast – don’t worry, you can still enjoy the sunset too. My absolute favourite sunset cruise on the island is the Free Spirit dhow which sets sail from Michamvi and takes you around Chwaka Bay (the only place on the east for sunset).
26. Go Deep Sea Fishing
Zanzibar is a mecca for deep-sea fisherman!
With it’s position, far out in the Indian Ocean, the Zanzibar Archipelago attracts all kinds of weird, wonderful and big game fish, like barracuda, wahoo, kingfish (my favourite), yellowfin tuna, sailfish and marlin (blue, black and striped) to name but a few (all seasonal).
Spending a day on a boat, bobbing around in the middle of the ocean and trying to reel in some fish is not my idea of a fun time, in fact, I’d probably spend the whole time puking over the side, but my other half loves it.
27. Scuba or Snorkel at the Mnemba Atoll
Take trip out to the Mnemba Atoll and go snorkelling or scuba diving in one of the most beautiful spots around. You’ll find an abundance of marine life and may even see some dolphins!
This trip is quite different from the Safari Blue trip, so you could even do both.
You can book your trip in advance here.

28. Go Kiteboarding
Did you know that Zanzibar is an AMAZING place for kiteboarding? What did I say about those trade winds?
There are two winds that blow through Zanzibar, the Kusi Winds and the Kaskazi Winds. The Kusi blows in from the south-east from mid-June to mid-October and the the Kaskazi blows in from the north-east between December and April.
Paje on the east coast is probably the most popular place to stay and it attracts a cool crowd. Check out Zanzibar Kite Paradise or Kite Centre Zanzibar in Paje or Jambiani Kite Centre if you’re staying in Jambiani.
29. Go Surfing
Whilst we’re feeling active, why not try a little surfing?
Zanzibar isn’t known as a surfing destination and you won’t find many surfers there, but there are a few spots around the island! The only downside is that conditions aren’t always ideal, so timing is everything. There’s two surf schools I know of, Aquaholics and Surf Zanzibar. They’ll take you to the best places, at the best time. The season generally follows the same dates as the kite surfing season.
MY TIP: The best places to stay for surfing are along the southeast coast – Paje, Bwejuu, Jambiani and Dongwe.
30. SUP Through the Mangroves
If you’ve ever tried stand up paddle boarding (SUP), you’ll know how much fun it is. Not as physically demanding as surfing or kite surfing, but still great for fitness and core strength.
Surf Zanzibar offer a few different SUP tours in a beautiful lagoons and through mangroves in Chwaka Bay. They also rent out boards and paddles if you want to do it yourself. After their tours you can enjoy a free drink on the terrace.
31. Go to the Full Moon Party at Kendwa Rocks
Every month (usually on a Saturday), the Kendwa Rocks hotel on the north of the island holds a Full Moon Party. Now, these aren’t nearly as crazy as the Full Moon Parties you’ll find in Haad Rin on Ko Pha Ngan (I’ve been to both) – there’s no glow paint and no drinking out of buckets – I definitely prefer this one. The normal Saturday nights are fun too! You can find dates for the Kendwa Rocks Full Moon Party here.
The African beats are banging, the food is good and there’s always a great mix of travellers and locals enjoying the party. You’ll spend the night dancing bear foot in the sand, listening to reggae under the stars, watching leopard print clad dancers and fire twirlers doing their thing – I’ve even seen a bit of line dancing before. For those who want to chill, there’s fire pits where you can sit back, relax and watch everyone trying to twerk.
MY TIP: If you want to stay at Kendwa Rocks, book in advance, they get very busy! You can check availability and prices here.

32. Party Hop
Even when it’s not a full moon, there’s always a party going on somewhere! On any given night, the bars in the beach resorts take turns in hosting the party of the night! Ask the guys at your hotel bar, they’re always in the know!
Aside from Kendwa Rocks, other popular places include Cholo’s and Coccobello in Nungwi and Jambo Beach Bungalows in Paje.
Red Monkey Lodge is a great place to stay in Jambiani and they hold a Crazy Monday Jam Session every week – one not to be missed! Some of the hotels offer shuttles or they can organise you a taxi! Clubbing in Zanzibar is always fun!
Ladies – just watch out for the men. They are generally very harmless but very forward and persistent in Zanzibar (and Tanzania in general) and it can get annoying.

33. Practice Yoga (and maybe learn some Argentinian Tango)
Like any self-respecting beachy paradise, Zanzibar has it’s fair share of yogi activities!
Yoga Zanzibar, based in beautiful Nungwi offers all kinds of amazing packages and classes – retreats, SUP yoga and teacher training courses and you can also combine the retreats with things like safari, diving and even tango dancing!

34. Eat Lunch at The Rock Restaurant
Head to the east of the island and you’ll find The Rock Restaurant, just off Michanwi Pingwe beach. This restaurant is unusual, because it is literally built on a rock, in the Indian Ocean!
The setting is gorgeous, as you’d expect, and time it right and you can even get a boat out to it. I of course went when the tide was out and when it had been raining – but it did clear up towards the end of the afternoon. The food isn’t cheap but it’s a nice treat, the seafood is super fresh and it’s the setting that really is the appeal here! Plus, they have nice, cold wine! Go whilst it’s light so you can make the most of the setting! Book ahead as it does get busy and try and go when it’s high tide. It always looks prettier at high tide!
35. Learn a New Skill
Fancy creating your own beauty products, perhaps dying some batik or blending some spices? Then book in at a class at the Mrembo Spa. You could even turn your gorgeous new batik material into a dress!
They also offer lessons in music (drumming and other traditional Swahili instruments used in taarab music), dancing and tingatinga painting – a distinctive painting style you will see all over East Africa. These lessons support the Dhow Countries Music Academy, so they’re good for everyone!
36. Visit Prison Island (Changuu)
Changuu (Prison Island) is a former slave prison, just off the coast of Stone Town.
Today it is home to giant aldabran tortoise’s, imported from the Seyshelles. You can feed the tortoises, enjoy the forest, sunbathe on the white sandy beach and get a great view of Stone Town.
Surrounding the island is a coral reef, good for snorkelling and the water is dotted with colourful starfish.
37. Go Horse Riding
There are a couple of places that offer horse riding on the beach and through the coconut plantations in Zanzibar!
I’ve only been horse riding a couple of times, along the banks of the Nile in Uganda and on the shores of Lake Malawi, which were amazing, so I can imagine riding along the beach and in the water at sunset in Zanzibar is just… wow!
The Sea Cliff Resort on the west coast, halfway between Stone Town and Nungwi is the best place to go horse riding.
38. Learn Some Kiswahili
Whilst a lot of people speak English, knowing a little bit of the local language goes a LONG, LONG way in Zanzibar (or any part of Tanzania). Just speaking a few greetings will get you a huge grin, a lot of respect and the response ‘Ah, you speak Swahili?”
The words I tend to use most often:
o Mambo: How are things? (informal greeting)
o Poa: I’m cool!
o Habari or habari yako: How are you?
o Habari gani: What news/how are you? (common greeting)
o Nzuri sana: Very good!
o Asante or asante sana: Thank you or thank you very much!
o Karibu sana: You’re welcome.
o Shikamoo: Respectful greetings (you would use this to someone older than you – children may use this towards you)
o Marahaba: Thank you for your respectful greetings. (basically the reply to ‘shikamo’)
o Tafadhali: Please (although people don’t really use please as much).
o Hapana: No.
o Hapana asante: No thank you! (great for use in curio shops and markets)
o Ndiyo: Yes.
o Maisha marefu: Long life/cheers!
o Sawa: Ok.
o Sasa: Now.
o Pole pole: Slowly.
o Pole or pole sana: Sorry or very sorry. (like if someone says they are ill you would say ‘pole sana’ to sympathize)
o Samahani: Sorry. (to apologise – I am British remember, we apologise for everything)
o Kwaheri: Goodbye.
o Baadaye: See you later.
o Hakuna matata: No worries (for the rest of your days, it’s out problem free, philosophy…. hakuna matata)
o Kichizi kama nzizi: Crazy like a banana.
o Kesho: Tomorrow.

39. Relax on the Beaches
After all these activities, there’s only one thing left for you to do and that’s to unwind at the beaches, perhaps with a cold Kilimanjaro beer in hand.
Zanzibar has some world class beaches all over the island, so wherever you go, you’re sure to love it! Here are a few of my faves:
Kendwa: Kendwa Rocks Full Moon Party, backpacker friendly, lots of activities on offer, great for solo travellers, beautiful sunsets, calm water. Very chilled in the day time. Apart from Kendwa Rocks, I love Zuri Zanzibar, it’s beautiful.
Nungwi: Nearby and similar to Kendwa, but slightly busier (there’s a big village here) and more all-inclusive type resorts, lots of travellers and things going on – although I think I prefer Kendwa beach over Nungwi Beach itself, but Nungwi village has more going on. I recommend either Makofi Guesthouse or the Z Hotel.
Matemwe: Very chilled, village life, unspoilt by tourism, close to Mnemba Atoll. Try one of these highly recommended hotels.
Michamvi: The only place for sunset in eastern Zanzibar, looks out over a beautiful bay, quieter than the other resorts. Stay at Upendo Zanzibar for a sophisticated stay and great views of the Rock Restaurant (no sunset on this side of the peninsular) or on the other side (with sunset), try Kae Funk for a chilled out vibe, or Michamvi Sunset Bay.
Pongwe: Pretty beach resort, not as crowded as the others, very chilled. Try The Island – Pongwe Lodge, a very cool hotel set on a little island off the coast. Or for some real luxury, the Tulia Zanzibar Unique Beach Resort.
Bwejuu: Village life, gorgeous beach, quiet – but close to the likes of Paje and Jambiani for the nightlife. Stay at Tsunami Village (nice place, unfortunate name)!
Paje: Beautiful beach, kite surfing, backpacker friendly, great nightlife, great for solo travellers – although for obvious reasons it can be windy and sometimes there’s a lot of seaweed on the beach. My favourite hotels are Drifters, Ebb & Flow Apartments, the Zanzibar Waterfront or the beautiful Kahawa Lofts.
Jambiani: Similar to Paje, beautiful beach, great village, Monday night jam session, watersports, nightlife. To be in the action, stay at Red Monkey Lodge.
40. Stay on a Private Island
Last but not least…
Feeling fancy? The book yourself the &Beyond luxury lodge on Mnemba Island, where the sand is brilliant white and the water crystal clear. Living the dream!
With prices starting from $1, 270 per person, per night, it’s certainly not cheap, but it is super luxurious and romantic. Bill Gates is a fan apparently. One for the bucket list!

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