Severin Sea Lodge

Name of the facilitySeverin Sea Lodge
Certification AchievedGold
Year opened1972
Tourism regionCoast
CountyMombasa (County)
Map It
Telephone/Mobile+254 41 2111 000, + 254 41 2004153/4,
Email[email protected]
Facility NotesSeverin Sea Lodge is located in Mombasa, North Coast. The lodge has been designed in a traditional African style with attention to detail: The round bungalows, the main building and the two swimming pools are harmoniously located within a vast grove of palms. The lodge has a total of 188 rooms with a total bed capacity of 360. It is open all year round.
Severin Sea Lodge is located in one of the most important tourism destinations in Kenya, Mombasa. The facility has a direct sea front access to Bamburi beach. The hotel is also in close proximity to Haller park. Haller Park was formed through the successful transformation of a quarry wasteland into an ecological area. The Park was the first recipient of the United Nations Environmental Program Global 500 Roll of Honour award for the unique, ecologically sound and successful rehabilitation undertaken. Presently the park is home to a variety of wildlife including; hippos, giraffes, antelopes and a plethora of smaller mammals, birds and insects
Energy managementThe facility also has a solar plant, which is housed in the solar green room and is used to run the primary operations of the hotel.
The facility has also invested in a solar powered water heating. The solar plant is housed in the solar green building. This is a form of centralized water heating with a capacity of about 265m2.
Severin Sea Lodge is also connected to the Kenya Power grid.
In order to promote energy conservation, the hotel has
• LED (Light Emitting Diodes) and energy saving bulbs fixed throughout the hotel
• Visitors are briefed upon arrival on the need to conserve energy through switching off unnecessary lights.
• The guests are also sensitized to ensure doors and windows are closed when air conditioning is on. This enhances the air conditioners efficiency.
• Employees are sensitized to ensure unnecessary lights, and water heaters in guest rooms are put off.
Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is used for guest and staff cooking
Environmental managementSeverin Sea Lodge is anchored on its mission statement of promoting environmental and community wellbeing in its surrounding. The statement commits to work above international standards and remain social and ecological stewards.
The hotel has a comprehensive environmental policy to guide in its operations. The policy is committed to:
• Compliance with relevant environmental legislation and proactive approach to future requirements.
• Monitoring performance for continued improvement in environmental performance
• Conservation of natural resources through responsible use of water, energy and other resources.
The facility has a clear environmental management system (EMS) with elaborate management plans in waste water, water and energy use, solid waste management and health and safety.
Chemical useEcolab laundry detergents and powders are used for washing in the laundry section. Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the chemicals are available. The staff handling chemicals have been trained and sensitized on proper handling.
Conservation Criteria
Community Criteria
Solid waste managementProper waste separation – organic and non-organic – is conducted at source including in the guest rooms.
The waste is further segregated at the waste management centre into plastics, glass and metallic tins. Monitoring of the waste is later done through weighing and recording (types and quantity) on daily basis.
The organic waste is composted at the facility’s kitchen garden.
The rest of the solid waste (glass, metal, plastic paper) is collected and transported by a NEMA licenced waste handler- Plastic Keen Cleaners for disposal.
Further the facility has invested in an in-house domestic water purifying system which ensures water is fit for human consumption. These initiatives have significantly reduced on plastic waste generation.
Water managementThe facility’s main source of water is a borehole. The water is pumped from the borehole, filtered and then passed through a reverse osmosis system, which is housed in the Severin Green Building. The reverse osmosis system is run for 6 hours in a day and purifies water to a portable state.
Visitor communication & educationGuest rooms are equipped with information folders detailing activities and operations of Severin Sea Lodge. The guide showcases profiles on the unique areas/spots within the North Coast regions.
Visitors are briefed upon arrival on the hotel’s operations. The hotel has a guest information notice board fitted with available activities.
PollutionThe hotel kitchen is properly ventilated, fixed with air extractors, kitchen hub, and AC system. This is aimed at enhancing the working conditions of the staff.
Low filament energy saving bulbs are used for lighting hotel pathways at night. The paths lights are also fixed with a cover to reduce on light pollution.
Environmental conservationThe facility has a tree nursery within the premises. This nursery is used to propagate seedlings that are later replanted within the facility.
The hotel conducts Beach clean ups every first Sunday in collaboration with the staff, guests and beach operators.
Severin Sea Lodge has heavily invested in renewable solar energy to curb reliance on other non-renewable fuels. This initiative has gone a long way in reducing the carbon footprint of the facility.
Waste water managementSeverin Sea Lodge has invested in a biological wastewater treatment system that manages both its grey and black effluent.
The system operates in the following way;
• All wastewater is pressure pumped to subterranean collection basins where is it passed through a screen spiral filter to remove non-biodegradable bulky material.
• The separated solids are removed from the effluent through a dump.
• Oils and fats from the Kitchen effluent are removed using a fat separator.
• At the main treatment plant, the effluent first goes into a settling tank where other remaining solids are removed. It then goes through an aeration tank where microbes (EM2) are used to degrade the pollutants.
• Resultant sludge from the plant is used as a fertilizer in the hotel’s vegetable garden. The resultant water is recycled for irrigation within the facility.
Swimming pool water is cleaned through sieving, vacuum cleaning and a backwash system. PH levels (i.e. acidity and alkalinity levels) are checked on a daily basis.
The Lodge conducts regular water effluent sampling in compliance with Environmental Management and Coordination (Water Quality) Regulations of 2006.
As a result of the effective wastewater treatment at the facility, Severin Sea Lodge has been exempted from obtaining an effluent discharge license by NEMA.
Purchasing and suppliesThe hotel purchases its products in bulk to reduce on packaging; fruits and vegetables are packed in re-usable crates.
Employment and remuneration/staff welfareMore than 75% of the permanent employees are from the local community. Additionally, all casual labour is sourced from the locals.
Employees are provided with, food, uniform, transport and medical care.
The staffs are paid in line with the minimum wage.
Staff education, communication and awareness trainingThe hotel has notice boards fitted in strategic sections within the premise. The notice boards are used for facilitating communication on internal memos, operations, meeting schedules etc. Sensitization, training and briefing is also done thrice a week by the heads of department.
Employees have the opportunity to grow their skills through 6 month exchange program with other German professionals. So far 9 staff members particularly from Food and Beverage have benefitted from this initiative.
Cultural preservation and promotion/protection of local sitesSeverin Sea lodge has incorporated pieces of decor that depict the local Mijikenda and Swahili cultures.
The Architecture also integrates local styles of building using thatched roofs.
The facility also engages local and Maasai dancers to entertain the guests three times in a week. This is an aim to promote the cultures of the Kenyan people.
Benefits to local community/community empowermentSeverin Sea Lodge employs from the local community. About 65% of the employees are from the local community.
The facility dedicated to community empowerment using a number of avenues. of the initiatives include:-
• Supporting local enterprises for the physically challenged;
i) Severin Sea Lodge supports Likoni Quality Furniture. This furniture shop was founded by the Association for the Physically disabled to provide a platform for the physically challenged to create income. The facility procures strictly and directly from APDK all the furniture items
ii) The hotel also supports Bombolulu Workshop by procuring leather items for them directly. This includes menu folders, room information folders, key rings as well as all leather used in the workshop.
iii) Severin Sea Lodge purchases from the locals where possible. This primarily includes the supply of vegetable and fruits. Fish is also procured locally from Barracuda Fish Shop.
iv) The facility supports a local physically challenged artist to create the signage carvings for the guest rooms.
• Education;
v) The craftsmen training Centre- Through a partnership with the German Association of International Cooperation (GIZ), the hotel has established a training centre for local youth within its premises. The centre, which is housed in the green building offers training for practical skills in masonry, carpentry, plumbing, electrical and metal works. The centre has just taken its first cohort of fifteen students this year. The students are trained in line with German training standards and will after training possess practical skills.
vi) Skills for Kenya Initiative. Severin Sea Lodge Management is a founding member this association that financially supports young Kenyans in their home country in their vocational education and training in order to give them better access to working life and helps them to develop their own skills and knowledge.
vii) The management of Severin Sea Lodge has supported some local children to pursue tertiary learning. So far 8 students in different universities and colleges in Kenya have benefitted from this bursary system.
• Donations: Periodically, the hotel donates linen and mattresses to the junior staff.
The facility also donates Christmas gifts to Mji wa Salama Children’s home on an annual basis.
Cultural Criteria
Health and safetySeverin Sea Lodge has a detailed and clearly communicated Health and Safety Policy that is in line with the National OSHA regulation.
Additionally, there is a Fire Marshalls team trained in firefighting and first aiders in all departments. First Aid training was conducted which involved 23 members of staff from different departments.
Food handlers have undergone medical tests in compliance with Food, Drugs, and Chemical substances Act. Cap 254
Precautionary and safety signage such as ‘highly flammable’ ‘no smoking’ ‘danger’ is well displayed at strategic areas such as Gas section for safety purposes.
The facility has fully equipped first aid kits in the major departments. Critical medical emergencies are referred to a Doctor on call.
The guest rooms are equipped with telephone lines, smoke detectors, for emergency and fire safety response.
Health Inspection has been conducted by public health inspectors under the Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation.
Fire-fighting equipment which includes fire extinguishers, fire horse rails, automatic fire hydrant system, kitchen fire blankets are serviced and strategically placed within the facility.
The hotel has conducted a Health and Safety Audit in compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Act, 2007.
The facility has conducted a fire safety audit to comply with Factories and other places of work (Fire Risk Reduction) Rules 2007.
Child labor, abuse and human rightsSeverin Sea Lodge has a well-defined Human Resource policy that guides against employment of minors. Minimum employment age is 18years.
Business Practises Criteria
Entry Date15th March 2018
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