Kicheche Bush Camp

Name of the facilityKicheche Bush Camp
Certification AchievedGold
Year opened2006
Tourism regionMasai Mara/South Rift
AddressHead Office – Nairobi
Map It
Telephone/Mobile020- 2493569/ 020- 2601418
Email[email protected]
Facility NotesKicheche Bush Camp is located within the Olare Motorogi Conservancy. The conservancy borders the Masai Mara Reserve to the West. The Masai Mara area is abundant in wildlife and regarded as one of the best game viewing sites in Africa. The conservancy is home to lions, leopards, cheetahs and plenty of herbivores and birds.
Energy managementThe camp runs on solar power. Solar power the lighting, fridges and even water heating. The energy usage is monitored on a daily basis. The consumption is also analyzed based on bed capacity. The camp also has one backup generator with capacity of 6KVA. The generator running hours and fuel consumption is closely monitored. The camp uses wood fuel in the bonfires obtained from a sustainable Eucalyptus plantation in Kericho. In order to promote energy conservation, the camp has
 LED (Light Emitting Diodes) and energy saving bulbs fixed throughout the camp
 Visitors are briefed upon arrival on the need to conserve energy through switching off unnecessary lights.
 Employees are sensitized on energy conservation.
Environmental managementThe camp as part of the Kicheche Group is guided by an environmental philosophy that is committed to safeguarding the environment and conservation of natural resources through responsible use of water, energy and other resources. The facility has an environmental policy in place that is well communicated to the employees and guests. The facility has a clear environmental management system (EMS) with elaborate management plans in waste water, water and energy use, solid waste management and health and safety. The camp has undertaken its annual self-Environmental Audit (EA) as required by EMCA 1999 (Environmental Management and Co-ordination Act.) Ref NEMA/EA/5/2/13082.
Chemical useThe camp uses biodegradable laundry detergents and powders supplied by Bylady. The staff handling chemicals have been trained and sensitized on proper handling The camp uses biodegradable shower gels and soaps for the guests. They are supplied by Cinnabar Green. Diesel is stored in a 2 bulk tanks, each with a capacity of 2500litres.
Conservation Criteria
Community Criteria
Solid waste managementProper waste separation is conducted at key waste generation source such as the kitchen. The waste is further segregated at the waste management centre into plastics, glass and metallic tins. Monitoring of the waste is done through weighing and recording (types and quantity) on daily basis. To support this, the facility has a waste disposal tracking system. The organic waste is composted in a secured pit within the premises. The rest of the solid waste (glass, metal, plastic paper) is collected and transported tom Nairobi. Guests are also provided with a water dispenser in the rooms and a souvenir aluminium bottle that can be used during their stay at the camp. These initiatives have significantly reduced on plastic waste generation.
Water managementThe facility’s main source of water is a borehole. The water is pumped to the main reservoir tank where it is treated with chlorine before distribution to the rest of the facility. The camp also harvests rain water from roof catchments. Water consumption is metered at the main outlet and inlet. The readings are taken on a daily basis and analyzed based on bed capacity to inform future conservation targets. The water is metered at source (borehole). Meter readings are done on a daily basis.
To promote water efficiency;
 Employees are sensitized on water usage during departmental meetings
 Guests are sensitized on arrival. Guests are also encouraged and sensitized through cards – ‘towel talks’ to re-use their towels.
 The guests’ rooms are fixed with dual flush toilet cisterns, and low shower filter heads for water use efficiency.
 Visual water saving sensitization signage is fixed within the main water user points such as kitchen and laundry.
Visitor communication & educationGuest rooms are equipped with information folders detailing activities and operations of Kicheche Mara Camp. The information folders are supplemented by magazines and other literature that showcases/ profiles on the unique areas/spots and biodiversity within the Masai Mara region Visitors are also briefed upon arrival on the camp’s operations.
PollutionLow light emitting lanterns are used for lighting pathways at night to minimize night pollution.
Environmental conservationAs part of Kicheche Trust, the facility participates in the support of the Kids on Safari Program. The program involves environmental education for children in local primary schools to encourage participation in conservation issues right from an early age. The camp supports the Mara Predator Project and the Raptor Project through logistical support and monitoring using guides at the camp.The camp engages in tree planting activities within the camp and in nearby schools. The camp also encourages tree planting by guests during game drives through the use of seed balls. The seed balls are sourced from Seedballs Kenya. The seed balls consist of seeds encased in biochar and nutrients. The biochar protects the seeds from predators until the seed germinates. The camp also coordinates and participates in environmental clean-up of the nearby Talek Town.
Waste water managementThe camp conducts regular water effluent sampling in compliance with Environmental Management and Coordination (Water Quality) Regulations of 2006.The facility has a valid effluent discharge license. Ref No. NEMA/WQ/EDA/1511.Black water in the facility is managed through a system of septic tanks connected to soak pits. Grey water is managed using soak pits.
Purchasing and suppliesThe camp purchases its products in bulk to reduce on packaging; fruits and vegetables are packed in re-usable crates.
Employment and remuneration/staff welfareEmployees are provided with, food, uniform, transport and medical care. The staffs are paid in line with the minimum wage. Employees at the camp have a welfare committee, as well as a health and safety committee, who all handle staff related issues.
Staff education, communication and awareness training– The camp has a notice board fitted in the staff areas. The notice board are used for facilitating communication on internal memos, operations, meeting schedules, policies etcThe staff are encouraged to participate in various learning opportunities and training platforms including online courses and lobster Inc.The staff are also trained in-house on a regular basisThe facility also has outsourced trainings. For instance;
 The sous chef was trained recently at Talisman in Nairobi.
 The chefs also go for culinary courses at La Kuku.
 Some of the waiters attended a wine training in January 2018 provided by Wines of The World.
– Staff who have no formal schooling are encouraged to take English Classes at the Mara discovery Centre to allow them to progress in their careers in the hospitality industry. Sensitization, training and briefing is also done on an adhoc basis by the heads of departments.Great service and work ethic of the staff is recognised and awarded through the employee of the month staff reward scheme.
Cultural preservation and promotion/protection of local sitesKicheche Bush Camp has incorporated pieces of decor that depict the local Masai culture.Some of the staff at the camp dress in the local Masai Regalia.The camp organizes village visits for the guests to sample authentic Masai culture and way of living at Taika Village. The camp also organizes special Masai weddings on request from the guests.Guests at the camp are also treated to local Masai dances, African cuisine and are free to interact and engage the staff on conversations regarding different cultural aspects. Room information folders in the guest tents also have information on the local culture of the Masaai.
Benefits to local community/community empowerment– Over 95% of the staff working at the camp are from the local community.
– The facility is dedicated to community through the Kicheche community trust. The trust has engaged in a number of activities to support education, conservation, culture, health and overall community enterprise. The trust has cumulatively spent Ksh 17,909,617 as at the end of 2016 from 2006 in support of community initiatives. The initiatives include:
 Kids on Safari. Through this initiative, the trust takes children from the nearby schools –Ol Kuroto and Oldonyo Erinka Primary Schools on game drives to motivate them and teach them about conservation. This happens 4-5 times a year. The SAFE Program. This initiative is aimed at changing oppressive cultural practices such as FGM and support of education for girls. It has been done in collaboration with other partners.
 Through the trust, the facility has a school support program to ensure that schools near wildlife conservation areas receive direct benefit from tourism. The camp fundraises on behalf of the foundation who in turn support the nearby Primary Schools.
 Through a partnership with pack for a purpose, the facility encourages donations from guests
 The trust works with local and international partners to organize an annual medical camp in the nearby Aitong town.
 The trust directly supports the Mara discovery Centre whose main objective is community empowerment. The Centre supports local women’s groups in beadwork, beekeeping, and sale of seedlings.
 The local land owners also benefit from the payment of lease fees and bed night fees.
Cultural Criteria
Health and safety– The camp has a team of fire Marshalls team trained in firefighting and first aiders in all departments. The last Occupational First Aid training was conducted by Primatech Management in October 2017 The last Occupational Safety and Health training was conducted by Primatech Management in October 2017 Food handlers have undergone medical tests in compliance with Food, Drugs, and Chemical substances Act. Cap 254. The facility has fully equipped first aid kits in the office. Medical emergencies for the staff are handled at the CMF Clinic in Talek. There is a doctor on call from Mara Intrepids who can attend to the guests. All medical issues that require evacuation are handled by AMREF. Health Inspection has been conducted by public health inspectors under the Ministry of Public Health and Sanitation. The facility has conducted a Health and Safety Audit in compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Act, 2007.The camp also has a valid Registration of workplace certificate. The facility has conducted a fire safety audit to comply with Factories and other places of work (Fire Risk Reduction) Rules 2007.
Child labor, abuse and human rightsKicheche Bush camp has a well-defined Human Resource policy that guides against employment of minors. Minimum employment age is 18years.
Business Practises Criteria
Entry Date10th November 2017
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