Best Reasons to visit Victoria Falls Zambia

Best Reasons to visit Victoria Falls Zambia:

  • The 355 foot tall, one-mile-wide Victoria Falls is one of the largest waterfalls in the world. It creates the biggest curtain of falling water with a flow rate of 550000 cubic meters per minute.
  • The spectacular Victoria falls one of the seven natural wonders in the world.
  • The local people called this waterfall ‘Mosi-o-Tunya’ which means ‘The smoke that thunders.’ The mist created by this Victoria Falls saw only from a distance of 50 kilometers.
  • Due to the high spraying of Victoria falls, the River Zambezi rainforest receives 24*7 rainfall.
  • There is a natural pool at the edge of the Victoria falls called the ‘Devil’s pool.’ In the dry season, you can safely swim in this pool. The natural rock wall at the edge of the waterfall will defend you from being swept down.
  • You can see the rainbow over Victoria falls even at night. This phenomenon is known as ‘Moonbow.’ It formed by the reflection of Moonlight on the mist created by the waterfall.

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